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It is a pleasure to introduce the institute, an online training, certification, and service corporation where you can learn how to start and manage a nonprofit or business corporation effectively for a reasonable price and receive a certificate. Our instructors have terminal and graduate degrees in administration and leadership. These mini-courses are vital to the success of any organization. The topics are cutting-edge for skill-sets critical to nonprofit and business leadership.

Our instructors have over 40 years of combined experience in nonprofit and business administration and leadership.

Below you will find several testimonials of individuals who had a passion for their communities, and achieved their goals. We welcome newly formed nonprofit start-ups and nonprofits that need assistance with funding and sustainability.

 We look forward to assisting you.

Dr. Eva Johnson


Non profit dedicated to educating our children in appropriate and inappropriate touch and how to protect themselves from predators.

Dr. Eva Johnson has played an instrumental role in helping get my non-profit organization "Heart For Home" established in 2018. She helped me gain clarity of my mission,vision, and goals as well as helped me with all the necessary paperwork. We (myself and the Lord, of course) to now a team of 3 with 4 board members. Our revenue increased 4 times since its fruition.

Our organization went from helping 200 individuals to now over 1500 children and families a year and we hope to surpass that this year. We could not have done this work that the Lord has called us to without the help of Dr. Eva.

World's Best

Nonprofit Consultant This certificate is awarded to: Dr. Eva Johnson

In recognition of your excellence in providing outstanding consulting and form preparation services for Project Hope II. Also for your personal commitment to equip and encourage every client you serve. Your business services and continuous feed of wisdom and knowledge was a critical factor in Project Hope II obtaining its 501c3 tax exempt status. I am deeply and forever grateful for your belief in the vision, and in me! Our Fathers blessings be your!

Stacie Olson, Founder/President


Dear Dr. Eva Johnson

 I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful work that you did to help Transforming Lives International to attain its IRS 501 (c) (3) status in a very short time period. The application material that you developed were processed by the IRS with minimal changes. Your hard work has enabled Transforming Lives International to get started with its mission of helping the poor without much delay.

Your exemplary work has enabled us to focus on helping the poor and Transforming Lives. Keep up the good work that you do to help Non-Profit Organizations.


Harrison Makau,

Chief Executive Officer


I CAN SOAR was developed, to assist young girls in preparing them for life, will provide hands-on instruction and training workshops on basic life skills during a weekend retreat. Workshops focusing on finances, social issues and health are conducted.


Wanda Scruggs


Family Impact for Life Inc. 2019

The purpose and goals of Family Impact for Life is to support families through Advocacy, Community, Education, and Sports.

In order to realize the above main objectives, Family Impact for Life has the following specific objectives and any additional objectives deemed by the Board of Director:

To educate, counsel and empower families through life skill training.

To provide practical application through the arts, policy, sports, and community involvement.


The Julian Alexander Memorial Scholarship Fund 2019

Dr. Eva Johnson provided clear and concise directions that helped me make,The Julian Alexander Memorial Scholarship Fund a 501 C 3, nonprofit company in 2019. We started working on this before Dr Johnson moved and continued and finished during her transition to Louisiana. She was always available and knowledgeable. The Julian Alexander Memorial Scholarship Fund was created in 2009 after Julian Alexander was unjustly murdered by a policeman. The mission of our company is to share his story and honor his memory. Dr Johnson, thank you for your support and please checkout our website, www.julianalexanderscholarshipfund.com

Mentoring Today for Tomorrow Inc. 2003

Founder/Dr. Eva Johnson


    Mentoring Today for Tomorrow’s mission is to improve youth behaviors and academic performance and to establish opportunities that foster appropriate social interactions to help build the leadership and life skills necessary to succeed in society.


               Every day, societal and environmental factors – both positive and negative – influence the ideas, actions, habits, and lifestyles of our youths and their families. Mentoring Today for Tomorrow is committed to improving the ethical behavior of youths (ages 9-18) by developing strong family and educational ties and strong peer-to-peer interaction to achieve positive moral character.

           Mentoring Today for Tomorrow, Inc. is a community-based mentoring program developed in 2004 by educators and community leaders who realized the tremendous need for a mentoring program within our communities and schools. The program has seen incredible results, including increased academic performance and improved, appropriate social interaction.


To reduce and/or prevent the participation of youth in gang-related activities and provide ongoing assistance to their families;

To help youth become self-sufficient while enhancing their quality of life;

To improve academic performance, reduce dropout rates, and increase high school graduation rates;

To help develop future civic and business leaders and encourage youth to become contributing community citizens through leadership and training;

To focus on job training, math, science, and environmental sustainability through education;

Assist with closing the “digital divide” in distressed urban and rural communities for youth of all colors, nationalities, and abilities; and

To assist with closing the achievement gap for low-income, at-risk, and under-served youth.